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You Can Learn Series Scavenger Hunt Contest  

This one ends soon...January 17th at 6 am ET. I made it more complicated than it needed to be based on how I read one of the 3 clues. So as not to invalidate my entry, I won't give you the entire clue that caused me to search fruitlessly throughout the You Can Learn Series site. This is what it says "What page can you find this partial image which is part of a larger image on the You Can Learn Series Website?" I interpreted that to mean where can I find the partial image (as it was shown) and not the larger image. Well, I found the larger image and not the partial image and after having invested more time in the contest than I intended to, I submitted the url of the larger image. I did think about sending the url of the contest page because it did contain the partial image and there was no rule prohibiting it.

1000 credits are up for grabs, and while the scavenger hunt was a good idea, I think that a 500 credit prize and 5-10 credits for everyone who sends in a correct entry might have been a better allocation. Most of these Entrecard contests just require me to subscribe, link or post and yet if I'm going to have to scrounge around someone's comprehensive site I'd like to know that my time expenditure was recognized.

What next?

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