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RenaisNet's 10,000* EC January Contest  

Tom Hanna is running a contest at RenaisNet that most people seem to be ignoring or not abiding by the rules on, but it suits me. As of this writing there are only SEVEN people who have completed their entries, so make haste and head over to RenaisNet.com to enter!

The instructions aren't entirely clear as to whether on not you have to perform all 6 listed items or if the 6 are mutually exclusive methods of entering. What is clear is that you need to send Tom an email to validate each entry attempt! Tom is putting all of his Entrecard Credits up as the grand prize and is increasing the count each day until the end of January. He updates the total here.

*The 10,000 figure is my estimate of what the total prize will be at the end of the contest and is not binding. What a bummer it would be if it was only 9000 ECs!

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