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Affiliate Lounge's Non-Contest for 500 ECs Each  

There's such a thing as style points and Affiliate Lounge is definitely setting the standard for how to disburse Entrecredits. Here's the deal: Affiliate Lounge, one of the leaders in the Entrecard rankings, is flexing his spending muscles and tossing 20000 credits out to the tune of 500 ECs each for bloggers willing to do just what I am doing...writing about his site, linking back to it two times, including a screenshot or related picture, and commenting on the post to let him know where you posted.

I like this approach! I can appreciate that some Entrecarders are offering prizes of 350, 500, 1000 ECs or more, and I will still participate it those contests. But, honestly, I've got plenty of ECs myself and am playing along with Affiliate Lounge because of the boldness of his approach. I don't even know for sure that I am one of the first 40 bloggers to jump in and play, but it doesn't really matter. He wants to improve his rankings and I'll spend the 10 minute to help him out as a reward for his style. (But I'll still take the ECs if I qualify.) I like the way he thinks, as displayed in his post about Facebook and Entrecard.

So hustle on over to Affiliate Lounge and play along...you might even get 500 Entrecredits as a result!

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