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Bloggin-ads.com Big Contest  

Now here's a contest that is worth entering:

Mike at Bloggin-ads.com has put together the "One Heck of a Giveaway"Contest featuring prizes from many of the regulars in the Entrecard community. Entering is pretty easy and one method is to write a post like this one. Sans that, you can enter by subscribing to Bloggin-ads.com's feed (which I just did), posting a comment on sponsors' blogs, and digging or stumbling Mike site.

I see another benefit for newer members of the Entrecard community in that the listed sponsors comprise a group of very active bloggers from whom we can learn quite a bit. So comment, click, and post away!


There are going to be 12 different groups of prizes, which means there are going to be a total of 12 different winners. By adding up the value of all the prizes, I would say it is worth a least $1,000. Just for Max’s sponsorship of “500″ One Buck Wiki pages total a value of $500, which makes it one heck of a contest.

*Group 1*

*Group 2*

*Group 3*

*Group 4*

*Group 5*

*Group 6*

*Group 7*

*Group 8*

*Group 9*

*Group 10*

*Group 11*

*Group 12*

Every contestant is only able to win once. *EC = Entrecard Credits*

What next?

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